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April 11, 2019  —  Volume 8, No. 5

  Coach4College Transcripts

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Times they are a’changin’.
Here at Financial Coach4College™, we’ve been busy redesigning and refining an industry leading suite of tools for one simple purpose - helping you build a successful college advisory practice. Soon, we'll be releasing new presentation, marketing, and practice development tools in support of that goal. Here in the Transcripts you can start to see the first small change intended to help you become a more knowledgable, profitable planner.

Wayne Firebaugh, CPA, CFP®
Applying for financial aid is what you’re supposed to do, right? Maybe not! Some colleges are using the FAFSA to deny admissions and perhaps decrease financial aid awards. Read More
  Too Pushy?!? Nah!  
Candidate “W’ sent an email to Nazareth College, in Rochester, N.Y., after receiving a tenure-track job offer in philosophy. Perhaps, she should have chosen a different major, a different college, or a different negotiating tack. After receiving her list of desired modifications to its offer, Nazareth College rescinded the offer. Oops! Read More

Volume 8, No. 5

Apr 11, 2019

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Timely news that affects the ability of your clients to pay for their kids’ college while preserving the financial health of the entire family.
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